Feeling comfortable and safe ?

This is the question I asked myself when entering our event location in Amsterdam. And yes it was a hot summer evening and yes high heels may be tiresome… But noticing these pumps on the event floor I realized  that we should take this as a compliment.

Many women have invested their free time and make an effort to attend our events, to grasp some inspiration and find new contacts. But what exactly brings us to simply slip out of our shoes, sit down, relax  and feel safe in a room with so many other women ?

Women amongst each other may often bring an atmosphere of uncomfortable competition and then you find yourself in a room with individuals. And that’s why I feel so humble at every event again and again about the high amount of support, connectivity and motivation in our community. Together we can grow into our individual careers.

We as Female Ventures volunteers are committed to bring inspiring stories by highly motivated and driven speakers,  so you can pick up the lessons they’ve learned and you can actively support each other in taking the next step in your own venture. At least that’s what we think…

We have organized our bimonthly storytelling events in 4 cities and we built our online platform for you to connect  and communicate to each other,  ask for support for your challenges and more.

And now after two years as Female Ventures, we plan reflect and to take our activities a step further. That’s why we’d like to hear from you. We would like to hear more on your motivations and expectations and understand the value of our activities for you. Are you willing to be interviewed or willing to fill in our survey ? Please send me an email: dieuwke@femaleventures.nl

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