About Us

From January 2021 on Female Ventures continues as a non profit foundation ‘Stichting Female Ventures‘. As a foundation with a newly installed Board we aim to expand from an initiative to a sustainable organisation. Together with all volunteers we continue to support ambitious female founders and professionals and have a mission to bridge the gap in diversity and inclusion.


Our Team

We are a team of 3 cross generational board members representing founders and professionals working in SME’s and Corporates. We plan to grow and professionalize the organisation and expand our ways of funding.

We have a mission to make our offerings welcoming and available to a large community of talented women that want to carefully plan and develop their career.

Want to join our movement and partner with us ?

Then send us an email to dieuwke@femaleventures.nl


Wanda Stevens

“Female Ventures is an organization supporting ambitious women to connect and get inspired to lead their personal journey. With my experience as City Coordinator of team Amsterdam over the last three years, I am looking forward to further develop and grow the organization, in order to support women to get inspired, learn and make a next step in their careers.”

Annemarie Reynolds

“Our events are important in supporting, connecting with and inspiring women in their professional lives. I am proud to be able to contribute to make this happen, so other women will have more opportunities to advance their careers.”

Dieuwke Hoogland

“To see Female Ventures evolving from just an initiative in 2016 to a sustainable organisation is a great achievement of all our volunteers. I can’t wait to see us expand our programming, our city chapters and collaborate with new and international partners.“

Join our team

Currently we are a group of more than 40 volunteers. Active in City teams, in marketing, finance, strategy and IT.  If you feel inspired and driven to invest in empowering women than feel free to reach out to us. Working with likeminded women will inspire on a personal and professional level. 

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