Collaboration Female Ventures & Female Investments

Starting January, Female Ventures will be collaborating with Female Investments to professionalize and expand its  Female Match  activities for its talented Female Friends.

Female Investments is a young recruitment agency for board-level female professionals.  The two sisters, Fleur and Charlotte, based in Rotterdam run an innovative recruitment office with customers that work dedicated on diversity, such as KPMG, Accenture and also many scale ups. The company’s mission is aligned with ours – empowering ambitious female talent in business, ‘by supporting them in the growth of their career and skills’. Their drive comes from research that shows diversity is needed to have a more financial successful businesses and broadly-skilled teams. We are excited about this collaboration with Female Investments.

Charlotte Melkert: ‘’ It’s great to see that organizations such as Female Ventures are willing to collaborate with us. These partnerships further stimulate and facilitate the growth of female talent in companies. Moreover, it’s really motivating to work with Female Ventures given our shared goal. I’m convinced that this partnership will foster gender-balanced organizations.’’

Dieuwke Hoogland: ‘Collaborating with Female Investments fits perfectly in Female Ventures’ desire to work with professional partners in order to serve our women’s needs and ambitions. Charlotte and Fleur have set up an innovative, fresh recruitment agency that offers no nonsense service to its customers.’

How will this benefit me?

We will be posting Female Investments’ vacancies on our community platform. Go to Female Match for a complete overview. If you have selected ‘yes’ on your personal profile to receive recruitment information, you will receive an email when a new vacancy arrives. You can change your settings if you haven’t checked ‘Yes’ yet. Share with friends and professionals in your network!

How will this benefit businesses?

According to Marjan van Loon, President of Shell Netherlands, companies should intensify their search to find women for its top jobs. Top female candidates can definitely be found according to her. Well yes, Female Ventures has a talented group of yet undiscovered ambitious ladies who are on to the next step in their career. With professional help of  our ‘Female Match’ program we are able to find you the best ever candidate for your vacancy.

Want to learn more about our Female Match program ?
Check out Female Match. Also an excellent opportunity is coming up! Female Investments’ Charlotte and Fleur Melkert will be speaking during our event on February 13th at CIC in Rotterdam. Get your tickets here.

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