Vacancy City Coordinator Eindhoven (4hrs/week) – CLOSED

Opening up at Eindhoven !

Female Ventures is a relatively new and fast-growing organization with high ambitions. We want to be the go-to network for female professionals around the Netherlands. As we want to keep growing and improving our organization, we are currently looking for a City Coordinator in Eindhoven.

Who we are

Female Ventures is a non-profit organisation that stimulates and supports female leadership and entrepreneurship in corporates, SMEs and start-ups. Female Ventures hosts and co-hosts a variety of inspirational events for ambitious women who would like to learn from and connect with others (different backgrounds & ages) in various industries. We stimulate people to meet and exchange ideas to initiate growth and help each other take the next step in our careers. We are currently active in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and Utrecht and will open up at Eindhoven after Summer. Furthermore, members can create an online profile in order to connect virtually.

Your role

(average 4 hours per week)

  • Setting up the local team of enthusiastic volunteers and organize impactful and inspiring events together.
  • Setting up the community in Eindhoven and expanding it while finding a balance of junior and senior professionals.
  • Connecting to local stakeholders (University, Design Academy, HighTechXL, Philips, ASML, Atos etc)
  • Co-organizing and moderating of Female Ventures events in Eindhoven.
  • Participate in the team of City Coordinators, inspiring and initiating new programming of the organization on a national level.

What we offer you

  • Although this is a volunteer position and there’s no financial compensation, we are sure the reward will be great;
  • As a City Coordinator you will be in the heart of the Eindhoven ecosystem in a neutral position; the summon of social entrepreneurship !
  • Connecting with like-minded, ambitious women in the Eindhoven area, as well as nationally.
  • Way to get in touch with important stakeholders in Eindhoven, which can expand your professional network.
  • Inspiring meet-ups in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and Utrecht. Also inspiration sessions with other City Coordinators.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Get in touch with Dieuwke Hoogland:



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