Our Advisory Board

“From my experience, the best advisors help in three ways: encourage you to look at the problem or opportunity from multiple angles; help you balance the tug of the short-term with important long-term priorities; and ask the tough questions you need to know to reach the best solution.”
Margo Georgiadis

Latest news from our Advisory Board

We are currently professionalizing Female Ventures' organization and part of this is the expansion of our group of Advisors.  During quarterly meetings our Advisors meet the Foundation Board members and will guide them with suggestions for current challenges as well as advise on FV's strategy, vision and mission. Do you feel
  • you can add valuable advise,
  • have experience in working with non profits and fundraising
And you love to invest some time in volunteering for the sake of diversity and inclusion ? Then please reach out to dieuwke@femaleventures.nl and request the profile description for this vacancy.

Join our team

Currently we are a group of more than 40 volunteers. Active in City teams, in marketing, finance, strategy and IT.  If you feel inspired and driven to invest in empowering women than feel free to reach out to us. Working with likeminded women will inspire on a personal and professional level. 

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