Interview City Coordinator Utrecht Jana Rautenberg

“I became a part of the team to get closer to inspiring stories.”


Female Ventures is growing and changing fast. In the past year, we have welcomed new team members in our four different cities.  A short interview with Jana Rautenberg, medtech entrepreneur and our new City Coordinator, about her experiences and role in team Utrecht.

Jana Rautenberg City Coordinator Utrecht

What does Female Ventures mean to you?

Inspiring stories from a super diverse group of women – from students to business ladies. The exchange of experiences and the really open and inspiring events provoke that we learn from each other. I am sure that everyone here likes helping others and in exchange receiving energy & inspiration. This is exactly what we do and want to achieve at Female Ventures.

What was the reason you decided to become a part of the Female Ventures team?

I am a startup founder myself (Decodeon) and collaborate mostly with men. It is fun because this way I get a better view on men’s way of thinking. However, it‘s good to find a balance and join a network of interested and motivated women. I became a part of the team to get closer to inspiring stories. I like the idea of getting to know each other and growing collectively.

I was so positively surprised with the special atmosphere during my first Female Ventures event in Utrecht. Everyone was open, honest and wanted to help others as much as possible. This caused lively discussions and very enthusiastic storytelling. The feedback we get from visitors is really positive because they always end up with new insights or a business card to take home. Especially the different ages and backgrounds among the attendees create a diverse group. This diversity is unique.

So, I decided to get more active and take on the role of City Coordinator for Utrecht. Being part of the Utrecht team means organizing events with four other ambitious women. I love organizing things and meeting new people, so the role fits me well. Furthermore, as a City Coordinator I am in close contact with the whole Female Ventures organization.

At this moment, we are looking for women that are enthusiastic about enforcing our team by organizing and hosting events. If you want to learn more, please contact me.

Can you give us a teaser for the event of January 16th?

The event in Utrecht will take place at Seats2Meet. Seats2Meet is a co-working space where you can book a spot in exchange for Social Capital. This means that you are prepared to talk with someone there and exchange ideas or help with your skills. Seats2Meet’s goal is really aligned with Female Ventures’. We both believe in knowledge sharing, to let people excel, as individuals and professionals – and we both embrace the principle of serendipity.

The event will consist of two ambitious female entrepreneurs speaking about their startup and their business challenges. The two speakers are both ambitious female entrepreneurs. “TedX Award winning” Lotte from CloudCuddle will tell us about her journey towards the launch of a transportable bed tent for multiple handicapped children. Now these children can finally join their family also during holiday, whilst sleeping safely.

Regina from Zorgkeuzelab has the mission to establish decision-making between patient and doctor a ‘natural’ way of communication. Zorgkeuzelab developed ‘selection assistants’ (keuzehulpen) to support both patient and doctor in that conversation.

Tickets Female Ventures Utrecht | Entrepreneurial Women in Healthcare
Has this sparked your curiosity? Are you a woman who wants to accelerate her career or maybe just meet like-minded women? Then join the next Female Ventures Utrecht event on the 16th of January: The doors open at 18:45h and the program ends at 22:00h. Get your ticket for Female Ventures Utrecht’s event on January 16th here.

Jana Rautenberg | City Coordinator Utrecht
Get in touch with Jana here.

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