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    During Female Ventures’ last Delft event, our speaker Manuela Damant challenged the attendees to be more radical candor. This means: Care personally, but álso challenge directly (the phrase was originally introduced by Kim Scott).
    Please share your experience of putting this into practice (including the response you received!), thereby inspiring others to follow your example!

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      Here are some useful link to learn about Radical Candor 🙂

      Podcast on Radical Candor by Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff, the co-founders behind this: https://www.radicalcandor.com/blog/podcast/podcast-episode-1/

      Watch Kim Scott talk about Radical Candor here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yODalLQ2lM&t=43s

      We look forward to hear about your experiences!

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      What a treat to be talking about this topic even though I’m the first one to admit it’s not easy to be radically candid to start with.
      For the Pleasers, Avoiders and Over-functioners between us it usually means to step more into the area of ‘challenging directly’. An area we have been avoiding out of fear to upset somebody, rock the boat or being perceived as difficult
      And for the Forces between us it means dialing up the ‘caring personally’ aspect. To show that we care, when we’ve been told that to be effective we had to be confident, bold and clear. Not ”emotional”.
      How are you getting on with bringing more radical candor into your life and career? I’d love to hear from you and support you in helping us transform our workplaces. Together.
      And for more useful e-books, information and articles visit http://www.azkua.eu

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