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    My startup Qlayers is represented in the final of the ASN Bank Wereldprijs. This means that Qlayers is still in the running to win the public award worth more than €8.000! For this, I need your help/vote.

    Why you should vote?
    If we want to make our world more sustainable, we should not only focus on the consumer market but also on the industry.
    Qlayers helps conservative and energy intensive industries to become more sustainable. The only thing we change is the way coatings are applied.

    What will we do with the money?
    Currently, Qlayers is the only company that can easily print new functional microstructures. However, before we can actually apply microstructures on large surfaces, we do need to scale up the technology and perform a lot of (feasibility, durability, quality, monitoring) tests. To make this happen, we want to hire a fulltime engineer as soon as possible. Winning the public award of the ASN Bank Wereldprijs will enable us to do so. With your help, we can perform the first tests already this winter!

    We are a small startup with a big vision: To make each surface functional. Just like nature has been doing it, only better.
    Help us reshaping our future with the magic of material science!

    Click here to vote: https://www.voordewereldvanmorgen.nl/stemmen. Click “Qlayers” and “Stem op dit project”. You have to make an account, but I’m sure you can do this!

    Thank you for your support!

    All the best,


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