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    Hi everyone,
    Working with innovative (high)tech companies, but having a background in business studies, I am keen to take on a coding/ programming course this fall. Does anyone have recommendations on what course to take? Also considering price/quality/time (I want to do it in my spare time).
    Looking forward to your experiences and suggestions!

    – Willemien

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    Dieuwke Hoogland
    Dieuwke Hoogland


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    Miloš Despotović
    Miloš Despotović

    Hi Willemien,

    As we always tell our programming students at Mediacollege Amsterdam – start with the basics: HTML (&CSS) and JavaScript. There is a really good website where you can start your basic training for free. Just start with the step by step incremental build up of your skills by following the Codecademy’s program. Once you feel more advanced you can also start taking a look at tutorials. This way you can start programming from home, in your spare time, on your own computer, for pretty much no costs (you can decide yourself when you want to switch to more advanced levels).
    Once you are feeling comfortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript you will understand the basic principles of programming which you can then apply to all other programming languages, depending on what exactly you want to focus more on (e.g. back end, front end, UX, payment…). Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like to discuss this further and need more specific advice.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much Miloš for your extensive reply, this will definitely get me started!

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      Miloš Despotović
      Miloš Despotović

      Glad to help 🙂
      Good luck with it and feel free to follow up for any questions/comments.

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    Hi Willemien,

    I have been using – the support forums are also very good.

    Best wishes,


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