Female leadership in tough times. Are you resilient enough?

Extra-ordinary times ask for leadership on your part. Whether you are in a formal leadership role, or working as a professional in remote modus. Leadership however is not that evident for us women. A lot of us take care of others before we take care of ourselves.

Female Ventures takes care of you!

While we no longer can organize physical events for you, we will organize more digital meet ups, webinars and programming in the coming weeks. Together with Woosh5 we have an opportunity to follow a 13 weeks program called Woosh5 Female Leadership.

Woosh5 is an international and online platform for building personal resilience, specially designed and backed by science, sometimes with one-on-one coaching. Whether you’re facing a challenge in life or want to increase mental strength in all situations, our programs give you the tools you need to thrive. We call this “resilience building” and it impacts all areas of your life; work, relationships, and daily life all benefit from increased mental resilience.

What is the Female Leadership trek:

  • individually develop your resilience, so you are better equipped to stand tall as a female leader in tough times.
  • gain more knowledge and insights about yourself which will stimulate you to take alternative routes that work out better for you.
  • exchange experiences in a weekly digital meetup with Female Ventures’ peers that follow the trek too.
  • follow daily exercises with these weekly topics:
  1. You and your career: a marriage or convenience?
  2. Organising applause
  3. Take a stand
  4. Perfectionism to be dealt with
  5. Tyranny of ‘must’ and ‘may not’
  6. Pick it up, that porous self image
  7. Brooding princesses
  8. Managing your talents
  9. Positive paranoia
  10. Your brand
  11. Name of the game
  12. Can’t do without negotiation
  13. Never, never give up

Enthusiastic and want to improve your mental wellbeing too?

Register now!

  • The entire trek is available at a reduced rate of € 49,- incl. VAT for Friends of Female Ventures and those who visited our events (Woosh5 normal price is € 195,-)
  • The 13 week program is available both in Dutch and English
  • Register before 30th June 2020.
  • Register direct via this email address: Yolanda@Woosh5.com
  • You will receive login instructions and the following Monday you can start your trek!

Enjoy !

Team Female Ventures.


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