Workshop “She speaks with passion” by Barbara Rogoski | Eindhoven

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Join our “How to speak with confidence” workshop, where you will receive handy tips from Barbara Rogoski and get to work on your own skills in a hands on session. Barbara has coached over a 100 TEDx speakers and can teach you practical, valuable presentation skills, so you can confidently stand in front of an audience, management, or team meeting and pitch yourself like a hero in interviews for a new job, promotion or quest for funding

Book now as there are only 25 seats available for this inspiring workshop!

Participation fee: 50 Euro (dinner and drinks included)

Barbara Rogoski is an American executive speaker coach, content strategist and founder of Successful Speaker Now. She is a senior TEDx coach and European Commission coach based in The Netherlands. Her focus is to help corporate executives to tell their story with confidence, clarity and impact. Barbara is also a published author, professional speaker and mentor. She especially enjoys empowering women to step up and speak up in the world.

What is different about Barbara’s approach is that she helps speakers find the deep WHY that motivates them and challenges them to go deeper in their story to reveal more of who they are. She is dedicated to help all speakers succeed and is their biggest cheerleader throughout the process.

Barbara offers a free online coaching group called She Speaks with Passion Community to answer questions members have about their public speaking challenges and offer tips on how to communicate well in all situations.

You can learn more about Barbara from her professional website. After the workshop there is an opportunity to buy the book.


Date: 13 November 2019 17:30 - 20:00
Location: Kazerne
2-8 Paradijslaan Price: 50

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