Unleash Your Confidence and Wellness!

About the event

Join us for an immersive journey to boost your self-confidence and enhance your well-being. Mark your calendars for this empowering and enlightening workshop! Here are all the details:

📅 Date: Tuesday, December 5th

🕒 Time:

🔹 15:00 – Registration & Networking

🔹 15:30 – Self-Confidence Workshop by Sandrine Vilcot Jackeiwicz & Marta Marchkovska

🔹 16:30 – Well-Being and Healthy Food Workshop by Ildiko Mátyás

🔹 17:30 – 17:45 – Networking

🏠 Location: Rotterdam Office, Weena 798, 3014 DA Rotterdam

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey:

In the first segment, we’ll delve into the world of self-confidence and authentic leadership for women. Explore the nuances between self-confidence and self-esteem, dissect the concept of “learned thinking,” and discover how to transform negative thoughts into positive self-talk. By the end, you’ll have practical tools to set achievable goals and strategies for personal growth.

In the second part of our workshop, we’ll whisk you away into the realm of healthy living. Uncover the secrets to reducing stress, boosting productivity, gaining energy, and enjoying better sleep through nutritious eating. Learn how to maintain a harmonious work-life balance through smart nutrition and lifestyle choices. We promise to spice up your well-being, quite literally!

Meet our Expert Trainers:

🌟Sandrine Vilcot Jackiewicz

A human development specialist with a wealth of experience in human resources, recruitment, and talent development. Holding a degree in International Management and certifications as a Professional Certified Coach by ICF and CTI, Sandrine is also a Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). She is passionate about psychology and understanding behaviors. She is well-versed in assessments such as DiSC, Leadership Circle Profile (feedback 360), and Process Communication Model.
Sandrine runs her coaching and headhunting company, with an international practice. She helps managers develop their leadership and adaptation skills and coaches teams to create alignment and focus, even in fast-paced environments. Fluent in five languages, her cultural awareness is truly global.

🌟 Marta Machkovska

Marta is a leadership coach and communications expert with over 15 years of experience in international business. Passionate about bringing out the best in people, her work is focused on helping ambitious individuals gain more clarity, confidence and personal growth. She helps her clients build mental resilience and peak performance, improving their ability to regulate emotions and become outstanding communicators. Marta works both with emerging and established leaders in large corporations, startups and international organisations.

🌟 Ildiko Mátyás

Originally from Hungary, Ildiko resides in Vlaardingen with her partner. Her passions include running, dancing, music, cooking, and traveling. Over 16 years of employment in various roles, sports, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle have been constants in her life. This passion led her to establish her own company, Ildikó Vitality.
Ildiko’s mission is to guide people towards happiness and health through prevention and a wholesome lifestyle. Her ultimate goal is for everyone to savor life’s joys.
Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and discover the keys to self-confidence and holistic well-being. Join us and let’s unlock your full potential together!
Book your spot now and get ready for a life-changing experience! 🌟

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Date: 5 December 2023 15:00 - 17:30
Location: Alcoa, Rotterdam Office
Weena 798, 3014 DA Rotterdam Price: 20 EUR

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