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About the event

Do you fear selling yourself and your services? Are you avoiding it? Do you get itches thinking about reaching out to potential customers?

As an experienced coach and sales professional, Ilse van den Bergh knows the challenges you might encounter.

In this workshop, which will take place on March 11th, at 18:00-19:30, you will learn:

  • How to switch from ‘selling is not for me’ to ‘This way, I can do it too!’
  • Insights about authentic sales and why they are never a ‘trick’
  • What is needed to make the first step towards comfortable sales conversations

If you ever have thoughts like:

‘Selling is not my thing’

‘I’m too shy to sell’

I wish I could hire someone to do it for me’

Well, you are not alone. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t really look forward to this part of their job. Selling your product or your idea is a huge challenge because you have to be enthusiastic about the product all the time. And the product is you! It’s about believing in yourself and having a clear view of your added value. And that’s pretty hard to do all the time, right? Doubt comes up and that’s where it starts getting uncomfortable.

Driven by her own experience in sales, Ilse started looking for a way of selling that fits her personality and her customers. A way that would work without feeling like one is ‘bothering’ potential customers. Without being afraid to say something stupid. But getting as much satisfaction from making new clients as one gets from helping them with your services.

All those and many other topics will be addressed during the 1.5-hour interactive workshop lead by our speaker, Ilse van den Bergh.

Where: Eventbrite

Speaker: Ilse van den Bergh –

Before, in between, and after the keynotes there will be great moments to connect to each other, exchange ideas, discuss and support challenges in business.

Invitation for whom? Entrepreneurs who need to sell their services or products

Why join us?*Meet successful women*Experience the power of a story*Connect with other inspiring women*Exchange ideas

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We have a limited number of places: 15. So don’t hesitate and book now!


Date: 11 March 2021 18:00 - 19:30
Location: Online
Price: €15

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