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About the event

How do we solve the plastic pollution problem in our beautiful oceans?

Inspiring renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle, who was the first woman Chief scientist of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warns us that we are destroying sea life in our oceans from numerous angles, including overfishing, rising temperatures and plastic waste.

With our latest event, Female Ventures Rotterdam would like to address the Marine Plastic Waste issue.

More plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050? 95% of that plastic debris under the sea surface? What innovation is there in terms of business world action, personal responsibility and educational awareness? Are microbeads and microplastics the invisible enemy of the sea life?

Do you want to know more about this topic and find out the latest innovations to fight against this dramatically growing plastic soup?

Our speakers are eager to share their views and practical solutions with you. Come to our event on 10 July and join the discussion.

Sonja Fortuin – The Great Bubble Barrier

To protect our waters from plastic pollution for the health of our global ecosystem and to sustain and to improve the quality of life on earth, The Great Bubble Barrier has created one of the most appealing innovations: a bubble screen that catches plastic from the river. Why? Their first of 4 goals is to clean-up the plastic pollution in our rivers and canals with their Bubble Barriers, preventing plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans. This technology has already been successfully tested in 2017. How does that work exactly? Get your ticket and come to find out directly from Sonja Fortuin

Iris Overeem – Recycled Island Foundation

She makes her mark on society by, among other things, joining the team at Recycled Island Foundation as their PR, Partnerships and Awareness & Education coordinator. Recycled Island Foundation aims to tackle the problem of plastic pollution in open waters with an overall approach, because the problem has different sources. Recycled Island Foundation does this by collecting floating waste in rivers with Passive Litter Traps, sustainable recycling of plastics, and organizing cleanup actions and awareness- and education programs. Iris has been passionate and motivated by sustainability and the environment for a long time, as well as her work for the foundation, she studies European Studies part-time in Rotterdam and also volunteers for Greenpeace.


CIC Rotterdam, 45 Stationsplein Unit A4.002, 3013 AK Rotterdam

Invitation for whom?

All ambitious individuals who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow are welcome. Whether you have a long track record at a large corporate, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur since long or just starting. Young, young of mind, experienced or less experienced. Everybody welcome!

Why join us?

  • Experience the power of a story
  • Contribute to solving a current business matter
  • Connect with other inspiring individuals
  • Exchange ideas

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Photo by Brian Yurasits



Date: 10 July 2019 19:00 - 22:00
Location: CIC Rotterdam
45 Stationsplein Unit A4.002, 3013 AK Rotterdam Price: €5

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