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About the event

Yesss, Female Ventures Utrecht is hosting their first live event since the start of COVID this month! In preparation of the event, we have been sharing career stories in different shapes and forms. These career stories are the central theme of the event.

We will start 19:00 with a special keynote speaker who will share her own personal story of how she navigated her career and became a big name in the world of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). After sharing a couple of career stories, Nira de Waele (Startup Mentor & Coach) will take over and host a workshop on the topic of career navigation.

Together, we will deliberate on questions like:

  • If I have a particular “itch” (e.g. for entrepreneurship), how do I know when it’s time to scratch it?
  • How do I figure out the right career path for me, what gives me energy?
  • What practical steps can I take to prepare for a change in direction?
  • … (add your own question here and bring it to the event)

Of course, we also have time to network and get to know other ambitious ladies (which is always valuable!) If you recognize some version of the story below, join us on 23 September in Utrecht and get ready to be inspired!

When I was a kid, I dreamed about becoming a big time movie star. I signed up for acting classes, did auditions and on an otherwise uneventful Thursday evening, me and my family sat down in front of the TV to watch my 2 seconds of fame as a passer-by in a random show.

Needless to say, it did not turn into a career and when I was 18, I decided to play it safe and go to university. The next 4-5 years were a perfect storm of Beer Pong, exam-stress and dirty dishes. And before I knew it, I was looking into entry jobs at big corporations.

Now, I am sitting at my desk, and I have no idea where I am heading. Is this job even – me? I was just going with the flow, but did I stop to think about what I wanted? When I get home, I don’t have enough energy left to meet friends for dinner or work on a side hustle. What happened to my dreams?

At: Emma Center, Utrecht

Speakers; Nira de Waele – Startup Mentor & Coach

Before, in between, and after the keynotes there will be great moments to connect to each other, exchange ideas, discuss and support challenges in business. Drinks and small bites are included.

Invitation for whom? All ambitious women who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow, are welcome. Whether you have a long track record at a large corporate, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur since long or just starting. Young, young of mind, experienced or less experienced. Men are most welcome 🙂

Why join us?

*Meet successful women

*Experience the power of a story

*Connect with other inspiring women

*Exchange ideas

*Get practical steps and insights

Corona information: For this event, you will need a Corona Certificate (QR code). This means either being vaccinated for 2+ weeks or going to a testen voor toegang facility max 24 hours before the event. Your QR code will be scanned at the entrance.

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Note: We’d like to inform you that during our physical events some pictures and/or video may be taken and therefore may contain your image. Please notify us at the start of an event if you prefer not to be pictured/recorded and we will seat you accordingly.

Note: Our digital events can be recorded. Want to stay an anonymous participant? Please remove your name on screen and turn your camera off.


Date: 23 September 2021 -
Location: Emma Center


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