Interactive Workshop: Female Empowerment

About the event

This an inspiring, fun, and creative workshop focused on empowering women to increase their understanding of self-confidence with an emphasis on challenging the unhelpful beliefs about ourselves and our self-worth.

This workshop will not only allow you to become aware of your limiting beliefs, but you will also discover new parts of yourself and feel boosted and empowered!

It will be a very interactive and fun workshop, so be prepared to practice with other likewise women and create great relationships!

During this workshop, you will learn to:

✅ Improve your emotional, physical, spiritual, and overall well-being

✅ Boost your self-worth, respect, dignity, self-confidence, and assertiveness

✅ Understand more about overcoming barriers

✅ Find solutions for every issue

✅ Explore techniques and learn practical skills to help you improve your own relationship and well-being

✅ Make your own choices and decisions

✅ Develop your self-acceptance and self-love


Sandrine Vilcot Jackiewicz – Founder & CEO of Talents4You, Executive and Team Coach, NLP Practitioner, Headhunter, and Trainer

Kamila Orze– Team Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Recruiter

Sandrine Vilcot Jackiewicz and Kamila Orze, experts in relationship coaching, promote an innovative way of building a stronger relationship with yourself and thriving as a woman. Sandrine and Kamila coach women to develop their self-confidence and assertiveness, so they can achieve their professional and personal goals. Their firm belief is that by fully embracing our women’s authenticity, we can thrive with lightness!

Invitation for whom?

All ambitious women who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow are welcome. Whether you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, professional, startup employee or aspire to become one.

Why join us?

  • Meet successful women
  • Connect with other inspiring women
  • Exchange ideas
  • Discover how solving barriers to confidence and developing assertiveness can really make a difference!


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Date: 3 November 2022 17:30 - 19:30
Location: CIC Rotterdam
Stationsplein 45 4th Floor 3013 AK Rotterdam Price: 25 Eur

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