How to start investing? (Online workshop)

About the event

“Women won a lot in this world. We won in sports, politics and business, yet we are still behind when it comes to money. We are not financially equal to men, and that is a problem. Women have a higher chance of ending up in poverty. Hence it’s not only a personal problem, it is a problem for our society. And did you know that when women have the money and start investing at the same rate as men, 3.22 TRILLION dollars will be available for investments today.”

Female Ventures are proud to be partnering with Elfin, the largest platform for women about money in the Benelux established in 2020.

During this 1 hour online workshop, the founders of Elfin will share the importance of investing for your independence and more importantly, how to get started.

This webinar has been prepared to support women realise their investment goals however, everyone is welcome regardless of their gender orientation. Whether you’re a first time investor, looking for more sustainable and socially impactful choices or interested in building your financial literacy – this is the event for you!


Date: 19 June 2023 18:30 - 19:30
Location: Online
Price: 7.50E

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