Courageous Conversations: Say difficult things with clarity and kindness

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Throughout our life there will be challenging conversations that need to be had – at work, in friendship, with your family, and especially when you’re a manager or leader. Can you handle them?

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Conversations are conversations that matter. They involve difficult truths and address difficult situations, and are often avoided – to the great detriment of our teams, relationships and projects. We call them Crucial Conversations because the stakes are high. If they don’t happen, or go badly, there are consequences–in the form of failed projects, failed relationships, and destructive behavior, just to name a few!

Since avoiding Crucial Conversations tends to only make things worse, your best bet is to get good at having these conversations, and then choose when and where you want to have them. Increasing your ability in this domain builds confidence, expands your influence, and enables you to create the positive change you want to have.

In this experiential workshop we will work on cultivating the inner skill of embodying Courageous Presence, and will learn practical skills for effective Courageous Conversations. You will get an embodied roadmap for navigating this difficult territory, along with useful tools you can apply immediately to your work and life. 

Developing this foundational life skill will serve you well throughout your career, in leadership and in any of your relationships.

Speaker: Deepika Sheleff, co-founder Aurum Leadership

Deepika Sheleff has been an international trainer and leadership coach for over 20 years, supporting people to transform the way they lead, create and live their lives. As co-founder of Aurum Leadership (, she designs and leads workshops and training programs for organizations, teaching leaders to bring their whole selves to work – including body, heart and mind. Deepika uses body-based coaching and relationship skills to help teams (and individuals) communicate openly and effectively, unleashing the potential of the team.


17:45 Doors Open – Walk in with drinks and bites

18:15 Introduction

18:30 Workshop

20:00-20:15 – Q&A and closing sharing

20:15 – Lively networking session applying the skills just learned

21:00 End of event and networking


Invitation for whom?

All ambitious people who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow, are welcome. Whether you have a long track record at a large corporation, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur for a long time or just starting. Young, young of mind, experienced or less experienced.

Why join us?

  • Meet successful professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Learn from experts and peers
  • Connect with other inspiring like-minded people
  • Exchange ideas

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Date: 22 May 2023 17:45 - 21:00
Location: Buccaneer Delft
Paardenmarkt 1, 2611 PA Delft Price: €20

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