Cross Generational Learning: Female Empowerment

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Ambitious women unite!

Female Ventures Rotterdam brings you an inspiring mentorship program, all about learning and personal growth.


Our first ever mentor program aims to connect experienced professional women with women who are looking to develop personal and entrepreneurial skills. In 10 sessions hosted over a period of 6 months, with cross generational learning as the main aim, the program includes a co-creation session, workshops and individual meet-ups with your mentor. The program will be fully online.

* Work form: co-creation, workshops and individual sessions
* Aim: learning cross generational, sharing experience, open networks, etc
* Style: in a professional environment learning how to grow being vulnerable and open to learn.

At the moment, we have reached full capacity for this programme. Keep an eye out for the next mentorship programme!


Meet the mentors!


Stéphanie Mitrano-Méda

Expertise: mentoring, entrepreneurship

Company: Innovation Copilots

My female leadership vision: A powerful and kind presence

Motivation for being a mentor: Helping each other succeed is key and sharing our experience, expertise, stories can help others move faster or be inspired to be themselves too.

As a mentor I can offer: My perspective, my stories, some tools I use in my business, insights, and encouragements.



Claudia Stolk

Expertise: international business, female leadership

Company: Rotterdam Partners

My female leadership vision: I believe leadership should be about the team and personal development of the people in the team. This is irrespective of being a female or not. Having worked in a men driven business as a leader for many years the biggest satisfaction was to witness personal growth and development of team members, any KPI or target will be reached a lot easier if people are given trust and accountability.

Motivation for being a mentor: As per the above I really like to work with people and assist and support on their career path. Any contribution I can give to make them walk the path a little bit easier is very rewarding. I have a personal interest in coaching and this program will give me the opportunity to grow myself.

As a mentor I can offer: Many years of experience, coaching experience, open communication and committed support.


Yustine Alvares

Expertise: personal branding, female leadership, entrepreneurship, and international business.

Company: Dark Blue International

My female leadership vision: Inspiring and supporting other women to succeed in their career by taking ownership and celebrate of who they are

Motivation for being a mentor: Passing on knowledge by sharing my experience, the highs, and lows.

As a mentor I can offer: 14 years plus of international experience where I had to (re)position and brand myself to be visible. I know what a powerful personal brand can do for others as I have experienced it myself. So, it is not “out of the books knowledge” but truly from what I learned myself.



Ingrid Sloots

Expertise: marketing & sales

Company: Klanten Vinden and Tuin Club

Motivation for being a mentor: I enjoy helping others in finding their path and developing their business strategy.

As a mentor I can offer: Business insights and experience in marketing, sales & entrepreneurship



Manuela Damant

Expertise: female leadership

Company: Azkua

My female leadership vision: I feel our world, our organisations and our lives are out of balance and it is the feminine that many times is lacking. Feminine leadership therefore for me is to bring back balance and join hands with the healthy masculine to create a world with a future. As a OneOfMany certified women’s coach I call this concept SoftPower and I believe when we start owning our voices, we will make the world a better place.

Motivation for being a mentor: I love ”sending down the elevator” to other women.

As a mentor I can offer: I’ve been a coach for over 15 years and I’d love to share some of the insights and tools I’ve gained over the years to help more women feel strong, connected and on purpose.


Madalina Tarabulea

Expertise: marketing, female leadership

Company: Rubikon Decor

My female leadership vision: It is the full pack of knowledge, power, and kindness, combined with the wisdom to decide when to use which.

Motivation for being a mentor:  I learned a lot in these 10y of working in marketing. I had my own challenges to decide what kind of person I want to become, what job to follow, how to grow and make a career. I failed (a lot), but I started again. At 27y old I quitted my stable job and started from scratch with an internship in advertising because I had a dream. At 28y old I learned that when a door is closing, another one is opening in front of you. At 30y I became a manager for the first time, and I had to learn how to combine the power with compassion to become the leader I always wanted to be. I believe I have a story to tell about how to persevere and believe in your passion and in yourself. How to grow and to not forget who you are. How to earn respect, make tough decisions, fight for your ideas, but remain a good person who cares about her team. I want to share my story and make a difference.

As a mentor I can offer: My time, my personal experiences and fun




Date: 10 December 2020 -
Location: Rotterdam
Price: Euro 50,-

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