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About the event

Are you trying to find a job in The Netherlands?

As an experienced recruiter, Nicole de Leander knows the challenges you might encounter.

In this workshop, which will take 2 hours, you will receive :

  • An overview of the Dutch job market and the impact of Covid-19.
  • Insights into the Dutch recruitment strategy
  • How you can use this information when searching and applying for a job

These are challenging times we live in, but we can support each other and get through it together. Female Ventures Rotterdam decided to do something about one of the pressing issues right now: How to position oneself and find a job right in this current job market with lots of home office and staff layoffs.

Being a recruiter for almost 20 years, Nicole has seen it all. And she will share with you what it takes to apply for a job successfully in the Netherlands.

Does your CV need a headshot or better not? Do you need to write a résumé on the CV or is the letter of motivation enough? Is the job board still up to date or where do you actually find good positions? And what if you don’t speak Dutch?

All those and many other questions will be addressed during the 2-hour interactive workshop lead by our speaker, Nicole de Leander.

Where: online, the Zoom link will be sent out one week before the event

Speaker: Nicole de Leander –

Before, in between, and after the keynotes there will be great moments to connect to each other, exchange ideas, discuss and support challenges in business.

Invitation for whom? All ambitious women who want to grow (further) professionally and want to help others grow are welcome. Whether you have a long track record at a large corporate, whether you are a student, an entrepreneur since long or just starting. Young, young of mind, experienced or less experienced. Men are most welcome too 🙂

Why join us?*Meet successful women*Experience the power of a story*Connect with other inspiring women*Exchange ideas

We have a limited number of places: 15. Don’t hesitate and book now!

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Date: 14 January 2021 18:00 - 20:00
Location: Online
Price: €15

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