Amazing additions to our City teams

Great things are happening at Female Ventures !

We are proud and happy to welcome some super motivated new team members for our city chapters in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Together we will be continuing our activities for you, woman in business who is consciously designing and shaping her career in business. We support you with a focus on inspiration, education and expansion of your network.

We do welcome

  • Ivona Skultetyova (City Coordinator), Yi-Chin Peng, Sima Keijzers-Puodziute, Manon van Raak and Jolanda Joling at team Eindhoven,
  • Linda van der Windt (City Coordinator), Viktoria Pikovska, Catia Spinola, Arife Karaosmanoglu, Saaiqa Merali, Nadine Beuchold and Daria Kholod at team Rotterdam,
  • Anja Meyfarth and Iida Kambur at team Amsterdam,
  • Yvonne Greeuw (City Coordinator),Lieke Treffers, Christina Demetre at team Utrecht.

Over the coming weeks we will share some interviews with our City Coordinators to discover more on their dedication to female empowerment.

Special thanks to our volunteers that were so loyal to us since the start of our movement 4 years ago ! Marjolein van Noort, Willemien van Musschenbroek Greve, Marianne Hewlett and many more.

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February 2020.

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