Top 10 TEDx Talks

by Barbara Rogoski

Barbara Rogoski is an American executive speaker coach (TEDx) and content strategist based in The Netherlands.  Barbara is also a published author,  professional speaker and mentor. She especially enjoys empowering women to step up and speak up in the world. Find her book in our bookshop and enjoy her workshops for Female Ventures.

Know Your Worth and Then Ask For It – Casey Brown 

Why we have too Few Women Leaders – Sheryl Sandberg 

Your Elusive Creative Genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

It’s All About Mentelity – Bibian Mentel – TEDx Ams Women 2018 

Stop Asking Permission – Symone D. Sanders – TEDx Ams Women 2018

It’s a Matter of Changing Perspective – Jessica Gyasi – TEDX Ams Women 2018  

From Refugee to Entrepreneur – Anna Nooshin – TEDx Ams Women 2017  

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Amy Cuddy

How to Stop Screwing Yourself – Mel Robbins 

The Power of Vulnerability – Brene Brown  

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