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Dear Female Ventures Friend,
We wish you Happy Holidays. Enjoy and relax. Then carefully slide into 2022 and meetup with all of our 40 volunteers again ! We are looking forward to welcome you and empower diversity & inclusion together in the coming year.

Inspiration - Books:

Enjoy your time off while reading an interesting book.
Here's some tips from Marguerite Soeteman, the leading lady of SER Topvrouwen in the Netherlands;

* Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic - Why do so many incompetent men become leaders
* Caroline Glasbergen - New Female Leader
* Frances Frei Frei & Anne Morriss - Unleashed
* Laura Liswood - The Loudest Duck
* Ugur Özcan & Henk Jan Kamsteeg - Inclusief Leiderschap
* Paul Polman & Andrew Winston - Net Positive
* Erlijn Sie - Reimagining Financial Inclusion
* Marian Spier - Impact
* Liesbeth Staats - Waarom vrouwen minder werken dan mannen
* Sophie van Gool - Waarom vrouwen minder verdienen
* Merel van Vroonhoven - De Stap
* Robert Vos - Fifty Fifty

And last but not least tip from our team member Velina:
* Sally Helgesen - How Women Rise

More tips on our Booklist here:
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Female Ventures Book Club

Speaking of good reads; what if you could join a group of like-minded women to talk about books, every 6 weeks? Well, meet our Female Ventures Book Club! Every six weeks, we will give you a new piece to get draw inspiration and motivation from and meet your reading goals while connecting with like-minded powerhouses along the way. Sounds like a plan?

Sign up here to join the very first book club meetup at the end of January:
(Spoiler: we’ll be discussing ‘Invisible Women’ - Caroline Criado Perez)
team Utrecht

Inspiration - Podcast

Appealing stories in our booklist but here are also nice stories to listen to from the famous Masters of Scale podcasts and chosen by our team;
An episode with the founder of Spanx, Sara Blakely
And another one on Bumble, Reid Hoffman in conversation with Whitney Wolfe Herd;
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Upcoming Events

We are currently organizing online events only and as soon as physical meetups are permitted and safe again we will invite you for our inspiring activities in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht and Eindhoven. Keep an eye on our events agenda here.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering is fun ! Please take a look at our website consider a role with us. We are expanding to Groningen and Enschede and also our existing city chapters in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft/the Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven have vacancies regularly. If Diversity and Inclusion matters to you then just apply.
Welcome to our inspiring teams!
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