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Finally, we are getting there. Reaching the moment that we can meet each other again during our workshops and events throughout the Netherlands. Most likely you cannot wait to go out, chat with your peers and soak up the inspiration from our speakers. We too ! We are currently still running our digital events and at the same time preparing our programming for the remainder of 2021 which hopefully is live again !
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In this newsletter you will find some tips to read and listen to brought to you from our team members;

From our Rotterdam team member Nadine Beuchold

Nadine points us at Ray Dalio, who you may know from his award winning book ‘Principles’. Ray has now build an exercise which intends to help you put your life and the lives of the people you care about in perspective and to plan for the future to help you get the life you want. If you’d like to experience an interactive version of the exercise, you can find it in the free Principles in Action app here:
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Connecting with our City Coordinator Tessa de Flines

'I wish I had had the knowledge I have now when I was starting my career about the internal barriers and unconscious biases that women face. I really only became aware of these when I read Lean In 8 years ago. If we as Female Ventures can create more awareness on these topics for women at a younger age and empower them to change, I think it can greatly help them in their careers. ' For the full interview read more here.

Why Having Friends of Different Ages Matters

Our Utrecht team member Poppy Millar, traced an interesting read, written by Elizabeth Bennet. It aligns one of our key values that building a 'cross generation' community is valuable for everyone. We welcome all ages from just entering the labour market to reaching the horizon of your working life. Why is this so important ? Read more here in the article of Elizabeth Bennet.

Considering a co-founder position ?

Quite some questions for support came to our mentors at Female Ventures on the topic of becoming a co-founder or late founder, joining an existing startup or scaleup. What can I expect from such a role, how do I get to know founders who are looking for a cofounder ?
If you are considering a career switch and you think you have valuable skills for highly technical driven entrepreneurs, then this event at YES!Delft on June 22, may be worth checking out:
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Podcast with Hanah Mohan

A proud transgender woman (she/her) on a mission to empower all product teams to build relevant notification experiences for their customers. Hanah is CEO at Magic Bell, a YCombinator 2021 company, which just finished a 1.9 Euro funding round.

What does it mean to be a woman, a trans woman, or a trans woman founder? Is that anxiety coming from being trans or simply being a woman? The brilliant Taylor Majewski interviewed Hanah for Every, and they talked about the things nobody ever talks about. You can listen to the podcast here.
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Our Upcoming Events

We are driven to offer you 3 appealing events just before the Summer Break comes in. You can join us at
  1. Money Talks - From Raising Capital to Investing in Crypto,
  2. How to build a truly innovative workplace and
  3. Entrepreneurship in Practice; your own first steps.
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News from our organisation

Non profit foundation

Since beginning this year Female Ventures has turned into a non profit foundation with 4 board members. We are happy that Annemarie Reynolds, Marjel Quekel, Wanda Stevens and Dieuwke Hoogland have agreed to take on these volunteering roles. Together with our 40 team members and our Board of Advisors we will lead Female Ventures into an exciting phase of professionalization and expansion. Read more here:

Volunteer with us

Volunteering is fun ! Smiling faces at our team Rotterdam during their latest team meeting at the lake. This feels attractive to you ? Then please take a look at our current vacancies and consider a role with us as Digital Marketer or take on an internship at our foundation. If Diversity and Inclusion matters then just apply for a vacancy of your choice.
Welcome to our inspiring team.
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